Monday, December 24, 2007

Seasons Greetings to the Crew Force

Wishing all of you old crewdogs, bears, line swine, shop pukes, and SMES evaluators a Merry Christmas, Hanuka, and overall great Holiday!

A Christmas Tale

I remember my first Christmas alert, Dec 25, 1981. Took Joe Leone's place so that he could be with his family, me being single and nothing better to do. Went out to Oscar 01 with Flight Commander Al Hunt. His wife made Santa hats with our ranks pinned in front. I had a very quiet and enjoyable alert. Bob hope addressed the entire SAC alert force via a hook up to the PAS (Primary Alerting System).

Merry Christmas Joe and Al, where ever you are. Thanks for the fond memories!

Tim Hebert, 490th SMS, MM ILCS, 1981-1985

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