Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Opening Day...Mana from Heaven

Oct 14, 1980

In processing, filling out data cards, insurance, beneficiaries, military pay.....STOP TAPE!! Military pay is of extreme interest to me. The preparation for and the actual trip from Texas has taken a toll. I had approximately $600 before the trip here. Calculating, new brakes, major tune up, new tires, gas and lodging....oh, so sad, yet true, I had only seventy five dollars left in my wallet! To make matters worse, I had approximately 1/8th of a tank of gas in my Ford Elite. Fuck it all, not even one week on active duty and I might be on the verge of being a "hardship" case!

GOD BLESS CPBO (Combined Personnel and Business Office) I'm in the next pay cycle, should get a pay check next week. I'm also informed about Per Diem pay. Per what? It sounds familiar. I must have been screwing off during my last ROTC session discussing such matters. I've got up to three thousand dollars coming my way once I get to Malmstrom! Wait a minute, I can actually take out an advance to cover me? No, I'll suck it up till next payday and have this pot of gold waiting for me in three months.

Assigned quarters, I'll be staying with three other officers in the Bachelor's Officer Quarters (BOQ).

Note: Per Diem, sadly my school had omitted Latin from its curriculum. Tim

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