Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch: ILCS vs CDB

Class designation and weapon system

Improved Launch Control System (ILCS) signified the upgraded version of the Minuteman II command and control configuration. Since ILCS was in place, twenty five classes had been processed through the system to supply the crews for both Malmstrom and Whiteman. I was a member of the twenty sixth class, hence the class designation ILCS-26.

Basically, ILCS was an extensive upgrade from the Minuteman II Modernized system (MMM). There was only one MMM wing and it was located at Ellsworth AFB, SD. ILCS units were located at both Malmstrom and Whiteman. All three locations employed the LGM-30F, or simply, the Minuteman II weapon system.

On the other end of the spectrum was Command Data Buffer (CDB). CDB supported the LGM-30G, the Minuteman III. Interestingly, With minor modifications and the addition of one electronics draw, ILCS could mysteriously morph into CDB then being able to use the Minuteman III.

Note: For the novice student, it can be quiet an eye opener understanding that a weapon system undergoes modification over a period of time. Darwin would have been quite comfortable with defense contracting. Tim

There were ten of us that made up ILCS-26. Six of us were assigned to Malmstrom, the other 4 individuals to Whiteman. Out of the ten, one was a major, one a captain, the rest of us lieutenants. The major had previous crew experience with MMM. The rest of us knew very little. Overall, it was a good group to be with.

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