Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Training Alert at Charlie-01

After setteling into the squadron and taking care of personal business, such as finding a place to live, it was time for my first training alert. This is where I and two other new deputies were to acutally go out to an operational Launch Control Center and take part in part of the alert duties under the observation of a wing instructor crew. The site chosen for my group was Charlie, C-01. I found it a different environment, since all of the LCCs that I had been in simulators up to this point. I recalled that I had enjoyed it, since we were only down in the capsule for about 4-5 hours. The rest of the time we were topside with the Facility Manager (FM) and the Flight Security Controller (FSC). We spent the remainder of the alert playing cards and shooting pool with the security cops. I recall that we did observe the change over with the instructor crew and their relief crew in the morning.

Thinking about it after all these years, brings back good memories concerning my first two weeks on station. Next up would be my initial EWO certification briefing which my crew commander and myself would present to the Wing Commander.

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